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Covid 19



The SARS COV-2 virus is a new strain of coronavirus and causes a respiratory infection called COVID-19.It is transmitted mainly through respiratory droplets from coughing ,sneezing,talking,contact with infected surfaces.Common symptoms include fever ,dry cough and loss of strength.Less common are sore throat ,arthraigias myalgias,nasal congestion,loss of smell or taste,headaches,diarrhea.Shaking hands should be avoided and distances between us should be kept.We should also avoid putting our hands on the face,we should turn our head when coughing in the opposite direction from where people are and it is of paramount importance to wash our hands often.
In the mindst of the COVID-19 pandemic,we follow all the instructions and recommendations of the Greek government,the Ministry of Health and local health organizations and implement all the necessary hygiene,safety and sanitation measures to protect our visitors and staff's health.
Due to the currect conditions  we have adapted our services based on the new health and safety requirements.We look forward to your understanding and support until this crisis is resolved.

All the staff of our hotel has been trained according to the new health rules for the prevention of COVID-19.The person responsible for the implementation of the protocol is trained in the actions to be taken in case a visitor or staff member presents a COVID-19 symptom.


  • Protective Plexiglas has been installed at the reception area as well as special floor marking to indicate the distance that must be kept between customers 

(2 metres).The reception staff is equipped with disposable gloves and follows the rules of personal hygiene.

  • Disinfectant devices are availiable at the reception area.
  • Departure time from the room is set at 11.00 and arrival time to the room is set at 15.00 in order that adequate time intervenes for the ventilation and disinfection of the rooms.
  • For public health reasons staff are required to record key customer details (name,nationality,date of birth,date of arrival/departure,address,telephone,email.Skype or Viber or WhatsApp or Messenger)so that tracking is possible on the occasion of a case.
  • Keys are disinfected before use.
  • It is advised that bills are paid by credit card.
  • It is advised to avoid using elevators,in such case,only people who share the same room are allowed to be in the elevator at the same time.



  • Disinfection devices are available at the common areas.
  • In shared WC's customers are advised to flush with the lid closed.
  • All the flyers has been removed.
  • Maids always take personal protection measures.
  • Linen is transported wrapped in bags to avoid any contamination.
  • Following the customer's departure,the room is disinfected or remains empty for 24 hours if there are availiable rooms left in the hotel.


  • All hygiene procedures of making and placing foods are adhered to by the staff.
  • Disinfection devices are availiable in all restaurants and bars.
  • The staff uses gloves and masks and follows the rules of personal hygiene.
  • The buffet is served by the customers who are obliged to follow strict hygiene rules(hand disinfection,masks,disposable gloves),and to keep a distance of 2 meters between them.
  • The tables have been placed according to the distances described in the law and are set before the customer.After use,they are cleaned and disinfected.

 When needed,single use products are used (sugar,salt,etc).

  • The stools around the Bars' benches according to the distances defined by the law are placed at a distance of 1.5 meters per pair.



  • Pools operate according to the applicable legislation,the water is analysed once a week and chlorine and PH are checked daily.
  • The maximum number of swimmers in the swimming pool is one person per 5 square meters and it is strongly recommended that customers take a shower before entering the swimming pool.
  • The sunbeds have been installed in accordance with the current legislation and at the same time a disinfection plan is implemented.


  • There is systematic control over water quality in accordance with applicable law and circulars.
  • The hotel has taken the necessary measures to prevent Legionnaires' disease by both proper disinfection and systematic monitoring.




  • The hotel has taken all the necessary measures for the management of a suspect case,in accordance with the current legislation and the instructions of

NPHO (National Public Health Organisation).
In addition,there is cooperation with a doctor for the evaluation and management of any suspect case.

     Based on the instructions we have received from the authorities on COVID-19
and following all the necessary hygiene,safety and cleanliness measures,we are able to respond to the difficult conditions we are going through and all together ensure the health of our visitors and staff.

            Yours sincerely,

          Nikos Samaras

Contact Person : KRASSA MARIA
G. Papadreou str. 85300 KOS - DODECANESE
Phone 0030 22420 22737, 22915  Fax 0030 22420 23727